A long Good Friday

Easter might be more synonymous with that Jesus fella, but for us it was more about another Biblical character, Moses – well his baskets to be precise.

It was great to be invited round to a friend’s house who we hadn’t seen for a while and play catch up. The friend was a former work colleague and both she and her husband were kind enough to offer us some baby stuff that they no longer required with their growing sons (who we promptly filled with a gazillion E numbers thanks to some pesky chocolate eggs).

Chat flowed as constantly as the tea and before we knew it hours had passed and it was time to bid our goodbyes, before that chocolate kicked in, but not until we had been presented with a host of baby related delights from toys to a seat and a great Moses basket and rocker that it sits on. We, and baby to be were really spoilt rotten by Martha and Kev and it was just great to sit and chat with friends we’d not seen for so long and have already been down the road we are travelling down.

We’ll make sure we don’t leave it as long next time I promise!

After all that chat and seeing little folk running round the place it all seemed to make what is to come all the more real, but perhaps the thing that made it feel the most real up until now was when I carried the Moses basket into the house from the car…that almost seemed like a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

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