Wish you Were-wolf Here?

With Twilight:New Moon leaping onto Bluray and DVD now is the perfect time to chronicle a werewolf encounter a little bit closer to home…

When you think of werewolves you most probably think of Eastern European forests, fantastic transformations or silver bullets. Whatever is at the top of your list you can bet your bottom dollar it isn’t kiss me quick hats and the seaside.

It turns out though that besides laying claim to the world’s longest pleasure pier and the home town of Helen Mirren it holds a more sinister side that might put the cast of EastEnders off one of their jollies, and that is that is home to a werewolf, well a reformed one anyway.

Such musings may seem hogwash but this is no shaggy dog story, welcome to the tale of The Southend Werewolf.

The story begins, as you might typically expect, near midnight on July 22, 1987, with the then 44 year old, Bill Ramsey, driving to Southend police station. His request, simple, he wanted them to lock up for his own safety and the safety of others.

The normally placid man’s reason for his request become violently clear when he turned from chatting man to changing man as he went into a raging attack like the police had never seen one man commit before. Like a scene from a movie, according to some he possessed snarling teeth and untold, superhuman strength, injuring several of the officers. The 5ft 7in man even managed to hurl a 6ft, 14stone policeman across a car park and unsurprisingly it took six men to restrain Bill and put him in a cell.

But this was just the beginning and even a cell could not keep The Southend Werewolf as the normally mild-mannered carpenter managed to force his arm and head through the small feeding grill in the cell door. Having taken on the police it was now the turn of the fire brigade who were there to free him. Wisely choosing not to approach Bill in his current state the fire service only set him free after he was sedated, and even that took a baffling three times the normal dose.

Eventually freed from his cell, Bill underwent a series of extensive tests in a
Psychiatric hospital for a month, but Doctors were unable to explain his behaviour. The episodes lessened but continued for another two years.

Just over two years since the original incident, on July 28th 1989, Bill was exorcised at a church in America, flanked with two guards armed with stun guns, just in case of course. Bill and his family still reside in the Southend area; he still recalls nothing of the events that moonlit July night and since his exorcism has lost his wild side.

Next time you find yourself in Southend and it’s a cloudless night and your gaze reaches skyward, heed the warning and beware the moon.

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