Buy, Buy Baby, Baby Good Buy

And so it has begun. As there were some fantastic half-price offers on baby bottles and sterilising equipment at Tesco – lucky we went when we did as we got the last of much of that batch – we have officially begun to buy items for the baby.

Now we are not going crazy on buying items left, right and centre, I repeat we are not going crazy on buying items as for starters there is the money side of things and then where to put it at present. So certainly this isn’t the beginning of the baby purchasing floodgates opening it was more the whole we are going to need this stuff so we may as well get it whilst it is half price.

On the whole superstitious front these items are currently stored in the same warehouse as the ark of the covenant at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, well Sarah’s mum and dad’s house anyway, just to be on the safe side.

It was something of an odd experience buying these items on Friday as it was another step closer to all becoming very, very real. The oddest thing though was that I never even knew this aisle existed, it was like some previously hidden aisle that had only just appeared a la Harry Potter never having had a need to go down it, so was something of a world of wonder, think more along the lines of Sprogwarts rather than Hogwarts, with breast pumps looking more like instruments of torture and a million types of different bottles, who’d have thunk it, and bottles for different tasks. Admittedly we bought plenty of the latter which covered small ones, travel ones and regular ones.

We probably have enough bottles for a small dairy! I did ponder whether we had gone a bit bananas on bottles but then with it all being brand-spanking new to us both it is hard to gauge and I guess once the mini-milk monster gets guzzling you probably can’t have enough of them.

So, in short, we are being prepared, but preparing on the cautious and hopefully not as costly side. In the meantime, think of all those clubcard points! To keep us grounded and to give us a better idea of what we need and don’t need (if you believed all the adverts you read and see on television you’d be able to take on Mothercare) I also found this really useful link thanks to The Guardian that will hopefully demystify and make a bit clearer some of the must haves and misses on the baby list, along with some great money saving hints and tips.

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