‘Baby Bingo’

And relax! The great thing about the 12 week scan is that we are now actually able to tell people of the babies existence both at work, over the phone and online.

As well as spreading the word via phone as far as Northumberland we’ve also had congratualations messages online from as far afield as the States and New Zealand, which is all pretty amazing really.We haven’t quite as gone so far as to set up it’s own Facebook page yet, but that would be pretty amusing. Seeing as it’s just getting started might be better to start it on Twitter first or something, I can see it now: Loxley1975jr: Kicked mummy and grew fingers.

Of course once you start telling people then the questions start coming thick and fast. And generallythese are the same ones, perhaps working in PR we should release a joint statement or something like that?

What we have started doing though is playing something we have dubbed ‘Baby Bingo’ everytime you strike up a new baby conversation. I must point out this isn’t making fun of people eager to learn more or or happy for us, it’s great that people are interested, but it just allows us to have a bit of fun with information we have relayed loads of times already.

Obviously I won’t list them all but here are some of ‘the usual suspects’ from ‘Baby Bingo’:

  • Do you know what it is yet? (thankfully hasn’t been asked in a comedy Rolf Harris voice or by anyone holding a wobble board – guess there would be extra points for that)
  • Is it your first?
  • When’s it due?
  • Have you thought of any names yet?
  • How big is it?
  • It might be twins

Obviously as the pregnancy progresses the list will no doubt become longer and will probably become even more frequent when it is here when random old ladies stop for a nose.

3 thoughts on “‘Baby Bingo’”

  1. All good additions. Will have to create the ‘Baby Bingo’ card when I get chance, although rest easy as I won’t be doing an annoying TV campaign and even if I did it wouldn’t be as bad as the one that sponsors Emmerdale. They are just a tad freakish and look more from The Crazies than anything to do with the rural setting of Yorkshire.


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