The Branning Man

Soapland’s torchbearer for sci-fi fans is no more. That’s right ginger-haired, rosey cheeked apple of Dot Branning’s eye, Bradley Branning has carked it in EastEnders first live programme in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

But, it was certainly a death that geek but proud Bradley would have been pleased with as he fell to his death in a similar manner to Tom Baker’s incarnation of the good Doctor in Logopolis, Who being a favourite of the Albert Square resident, who even once dragged Stacey Slater to a Doctor Who Convention.

Of course it would have been even more impressive if once Bradley met his maker an oddly white figure would have been seen entering his lifeless husk to then only witness him regenerate into another actor, but is still Bradley.

Even more amazing would have been if Bradley actor, Charlie Clements, had actually ended up as being David Tennant’s replacement in the old blue box, rather than Matt Smith. After all what with Donna Noble and Turlough the TARDIS hasn’t been a stranger to ginger folk. And, lest us not forget that the new Doctor almost seemed regretful that he had not come back as a ginger.

However, Bradley wouldn’t have even been put in his rooftop death plunge situation unless his mobile phone hadn’t been heard ringing by the fuzz, and the ringtone? The X-Files theme, oh the irony! RIP Bradley, I’ll miss your sci-fi in jokes and ringtones. Now we only have the fleeting glimpses of Michael Keating who has swapped the role of Vila for one as the vicar for our only gentle sci-fi amusement in the Square.


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