Say hello to my little friend!

Cue darkened room, all manner of instruments and an acrobatic image of a baby on the screen that already looks as if it just might be auditioning for the next series of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?”

The detail is pretty amazing

Being the 12 week scan we obviously didn’t find out the sex of the baby but we did get a pretty good guided tour, seeing the bowel, what will end up being the heart and even the butterfly-shaped brain – quite apt seeing the ongoing metamorphosis before us.

It sounds a cliche but it was all pretty amazing stuff, I can’t imagine the detail etc on the 20 week scan -it must be like going from standard television to HD.

So all in all a massive collective sigh of relief. The other great thing, of course, was that we were now able to go forth and tell work colleagues, friends and family, which all helped it feel not only far more real but that two great weights had been lifted, no longer having to ‘skulk’ round corners and worry about blurting it all out – harder than it seems I can tell you!.

 For the record the baby is around 5.3cm big…which seems something of a contradiction in terms.

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